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This online Event Planning course is ideal for those who:

  • Are ready to begin their own event planning business
  • Want to work in a growing industry
  • Administrative Assistants, teachers, community groups or similar who are expected to plan events
  • Aim to work as an in-house planner for an event venue
  • Want to create new earning potential on the side.


What you’ll discover inside with Event Planning Training Videos

  • Learn how to
    • Uncover great ideas
    • Build a strong planning team
    • Set event and client objectives
    • Creating a budget
    • Develop the theme and vision
    • Choose and negotiate locations
    • Prepare a comprehensive timeline
    • Prepare a comprehensive event day schedule
    • Manage risk
    • Secure solid sponsors
    • promote your event and yourself

Templates and downloads provided:

  • Building Your Team
  • Setting Your Objectives
  • Event Ideas and Themes
  • Planning your Timeline
  • Negotiations in Location Choices
  • Event Day Agenda
  • Risk Assessment
  • Examples of Marketing Benefits for your Sponsorship


“This course provided me with the most essentials to launch and undertake an event”

“This course taught me that Risk Management is more than injuries and insurance”

“I always knew there was a lot involved in planning, but now I realize there is more than I thought!”

“This course gave me numerous new skills + information that will definitely be useful in my career”

“This course helped me focus my ideas and think them through properly so that I can more effectively plan events”

“Lisa was great! Very organized, knowledgeable, engaging and obviously knows what she is talking about.

I couldn’t reasonably, feasibly find/acquire this information any other way given the expense of getting it elsewhere.  Your course was priceless and will help my community grow and prosper better than any corporate/related initiatives”

“This course reconfirmed things to be done when planning”

“I loved the quick, concise information provided; this meant less time away from work; and time is money!!“

The Importance of Event Planners

The growing importance of meetings is expected to fuel growth in the employment of meeting and event planners.  You are needed everywhere, such as

  • Government and Ceremonial
  • Conferences and Meetings
  • Consumer and Industry Tradeshows
  • Incentives and Travel
  • Celebrations and Weddings
  • Fundraising and Galas
  • Premiers and Grand Openings
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Training and Learning
  • Sports
  • Concerts
  • And so much more!!


1.83 million events and meetings are organized every year in the US, producing around $66.8 billion in labor income

1.78 million Americans hold direct event management and industry planning jobs

(Events Industry Council)


In Canada, 83% of conference and event planners work full-time all year round.

In Canada, women represented 73% of the event planning workforce compared to 48% in all tracked occupations

(Government of Canada)


Video #1 Welcome to Event Planning
Video #2 Build a Great Planning Team
Video #3 Set Event Objectives
Video #4 Choose the Date and Start the Invite List
Video #5 Location, Location, Location
Video #6 Choosing a Theme & Vendors
Video #7 Event Schedule & Budgeting
Video #8 Event Timeline and Risk Management
Video #9 Sponsorship
Video #10 Cultivating your Relationships
Video #11 Promote Your Event & Yourself