I recently bought a FitBit. It has proved to me that I “own” those 5 extra pounds. Grrrr..  How did I become inactive when I feeling like I are running all day?  Well, I’m starting Day 4 of FitBit and all I can say is…..I have room to improve…….   This will inspire me…..

The 2015 Get Our Community Moving Challenge powered by Blue Cross and Saskatchewan in motion takes place March 2-16, 2015.  They have challenged communities (White City is in the running) across the province to get active for a chance to win $10,000!  There’s a $5000 runner-up prize, $1000 school prize, as well as many individual incentives!

You can can help by getting everyone moving! Here’s how:

  1. Spread the word! Tell everyone about the 2015 Get Our Community Moving Challenge and ask them to participate.
  1. Remind them to track and log their physical activity minutes every day on the challenge website (saskatchewaninmotion.ca). Kids need to sign up with their parents and log their minutes each day at home.
  1. Take photos, encourage participation, and promote any initiatives the members of your organization undertake during the Challenge.
  1. Have fun!

A while back I hosted a webshow for Saskatchewan InMotion called Re:Activity.  I had the opportunity to meet the Bansley Family and challenge them to get active. You can watch the videos here for some ideas!

Let’s get moving!!!

To my peeps in White City; let’s be the most active community in Saskatchewan. Our kids are counting on us.

To find out more about the “Help your Community win $10,000 Challenge. Click here