As an event management team, we work hard at being effective ☺ Maybe you’re a social media connoisseur, or maybe you feel you could use some tips. Either way, here are some ways to use Twitter to get your events noticed.

Follow peeps you find influential in our industry. This allows us to have a real time feed of what people in our industry are up to.

Tag. Retweet. Repeat. Keep your page active by being involved in conversations, not just tweeting out your own content. By RT-ing other event industry professionals content as well, you appear as more of an expert. This makes your page into one that someone would go if they want ideas or information.

Connect your account.  Make sure when you post to Twitter that it automatically posts to all your other Social media accounts

Tweet live from your events. Let everyone experience your events!!! Tweet updates, messages from keynotes, photos and raffle winners. Make all of your followers want to be at your next event!

Creating a hashtag. This will help develop a stream of information related solely to your event. (#Bowties&Sweethearts, #GMP2015, #Olympics)

Ask questions. Ask your followers opinions of events, ideas for blog posts, etc. People love to feel like they are involved!

Update Often and keep it relevant. The more often you post and consistent you are on Twitter, it will increase your following and activity. You don’t want to discuss everything under the sun either. Stick to what you’re good at… Events!!!